How wearing aligners might affect your daily lifestyle

With advancements in orthodontics science, people have more options of ways to align their teeth. If you are looking for treatments to align your teeth, the option of going for clear aligners might have been suggested to you. Teeth aligners have grown in popularity over the past couple of decades as an option for straightening or realigning your teeth.

Instead of going for metal braces that can seem like a daunting option, you now have the option of choosing teeth aligners. According to Healthline, this option is usually recommended to patients to treat issues like crowding and spacing, as well as some mild and moderate bite issues. However, just like any treatment, wearing aligners will also have an impact on your daily lifestyle.

Let us take a look at the number of ways wearing aligners can affect you:

According to Impression Smile, straightening the alignment of teeth inevitably changes the way that teeth touch each other. By the end of treatment, most bites should shift to where they ought to be, which is likely different from where they were before.

One of the most common changes that one would feel while wearing aligners is mild to medium pain and discomfort. A report by Impression Smile mentions that one should take it as a sign that their aligners are doing their job. The slight pain in the mouth is a result of the gradual movement of the teeth into perfect alignment. While it may not feel good, the discomfort or soreness should be gone in a day or two.

It is said that having something new in your mouth all day can dry it out. Hence to battle the dryness inside the mouth, the best remedy is to increase your intake of cool water throughout the day.

Although this may scare you initially, the loosened teeth are actually a sign that your treatment is working properly and should not cause any worry. Once the orthodontic realignment process is complete and you have stopped wearing your aligners, the feeling of having loosened teeth will pass.