Baling Water: These Young Farmers Built a DIY Swimming Pool With Hay Bales to Beat the Heatwave

A group of farmers found an epic way to keep cool—by making a DIY swimming pool using hay bales.

Jack Smith and his friends spent four days building their own pool so it was ready in time for the heatwave.

They spent two days building the project, using hay bales and hay bale wrap to create a pit which they lined with big tarps, and then two more days filling it with water.

Europe is sizzling under a record-breaking heatwave, and Britain is no exception. Many countries are experiencing wildfires and are recommending their citizens, especially young and elderly, to stay cool and don’t take risks in the heat.

The pals plan to keep the pool as long as possible for summer use on behalf of everyone who helped construct it.

“We were at the pub and it was boiling, so we thought the next day we’d build a pool as a kind of hangover cure,” said smith, a farmer from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. “The whole project took four day, and there was about 13 of us working on it together—we couldn’t have done it without working as a team.”

“We’re really happy with the result—it’s the perfect way to cool down in the heat. We’re hoping to keep it for the rest of summer, but already the water pressure has caused some leaks in the bales,” he added. “We’ve patched them up for now though, so hopefully that does the trick!”